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Begonia Growing Guide

Get your begonias started in March - April for big bold foliage and flowers all summer long. Fill your hanging baskets, patio pots, windowsill boxes with cheerful begonias which are easy to grow. 

They grow well in partial shade or full sun with regular watering. 

Planting Guide

  • Fill a tray 7.5cm deep with moist sandy potting compost.

  • Place tubers on the surface of the compost, hollow side uppermost, 2cm apart and 2.5cm deep.

  • When the leaves are showing, pot into individual pots of John Innes No 2 compost or multipurpose compost, including peat-free ones.

  • Plants can be hardened off and planted outside after the danger of frost has passed.



• Begonias are tender so will be killed off by frost. You can try lifting, drying and storing the tubers in a frost free place. They are usually treated as annuals. 


  • Begonias with an upright form look fabulous in patio pots and colourful borders

  • Trailing or cascading begonias are perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes or the sides of raised beds.

  • Begonias come in a range of flower forms, single, double, fimbriata (frilly flowers) and picotee. 

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