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Nerine Bowdenii Growing Guide

Get your Nerines planted up in pots to start them off in April. These slightly fussy bulbs are well worth the effort for their stunning flowers come Autumn time.


They are hardy bulbs but do well when started off in a pot and kept in a frost free place until they start to sprout leaves.  

Planting Guide

  • Plant with the top of the bulbs just below the soil surface.

  • Nerine bowdenii need a sunny, well drained part of the garden. Incorporating plenty of grit and compost where they are to be planted should help to give you good results. They need sun to flower, and tend to fail in shade, they also need plenty of space around them. 

  • They have the unusual habit of growing leaves over the summer which die back to then produce beautiful flowers in the autumn. They add valuble colour to this time of year where other flowers are fading. 

  • Importantly they should only start to be watered when they show signs of growth. Dormant bulbs should not be watered at all. 

  • The bulbs return and divide each year, so they can happily fill a border. Lift and divide clumps in Spring when the plants get crowded or produce small flowers, as it will invigorate their growth.



  • These beautiful flowers range from white, to pale pinks to vivid magenta. 

  • Nerine bowdenii are the hardy form of this sort of bulbs, while their relatives the Nerine sarniensis is tender and more suited to growing in a greenhouse or conservatory.

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