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Gladioli Growing Guide

Gladioli are a favourite among cottage gardeners and cut flower lovers. They are perfect to add structure and colour to a border.

Some gardeners like to mulch them over winter to avoid lifting. In areas with harsher winters you can lift, dry then pack in sand or compost, they can be stored in a shed or cellar.

Plant successionally ... 15 or so corms every two weeks from May - June to enjoy their blooms over the summer and late summer months. 

Planting in pots.

• Use a large pot and place crocks in the bottom for drainage. Add a layer of compost. 

• Place corms about 10cm deep and apart so that they have plenty of room to expand as they swell with water.

• Back fill and cover with a layer of grit to deter slugs from emerging shoots.

• When they shoot you can plant the whole pot out as a clump or keep in the pot. 

Planting in the ground.

• Gladioli like moisture retentive soil which has had well rotted manure or home compost worked into the ground. 

• Plant them 10cm apart and 10cm deep. This depth means that there is less need to stake the flower spikes.

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